As from 1st January 2024 the Blue Beetroot hotel and restaurant is closed
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John and Barbara
The Blue Beetroot


The Blue Beetroot Hotel legend holds that in Poland in around 1791, the fields of Lower Silesia were all planted with beetroots. One of the most popular uses for the beetroot was moonshine! The alcohol was secretly brewed in the cellars of the barn (today it only contains firewood to keep our Boutique B&B hotel guests warm).

Only a few locals knew that the cart of beetroots coming from the barn hid a secret stash of moonshine below. The story goes that one winter as the farmer left the yard the horses bolted and slipped badly on the icy road. The whole lot – farmer, cart, horses, moonshine and beetroots – fell into the pond.

Despite dredging, everything mysteriously disappeared without a trace…

The story, passed down by locals for generations, says even now a single blue beetroot will occasionally float to the surface of the pond, a strange blue colour, and – of course – completely impregnated with alcohol!

Hear the full story as you relax in our award-winning stylish accommodation, one of the most unique places to stay in Poland!